Printing Check-In Cards

You have the flexibility to print check-in cards for multiple participants at once or for individual participants as needed.

This allows you to generate a batch of check-in cards for a group of participants or create individual cards for specific participants as required. Whether you need to print cards for a large event or for individual participants on demand, the system provides the functionality to accommodate both scenarios efficiently.

Printing Individual Cards

If you want to print a check-in card for a single participant, open the sidebar for that participant and click on the more icon (represented by three dots) in the actions section. From there, choose the option to print the check-in card.

Batching Printing Cards

From the Constituents Module, search for the Participants you want to print cards for. Use the checkbox in the table results to select which. A sidebar will open allowing you to perform an action on multiple selected Participants. Select the action to print cards.

Unique IDs

Every constituent within your database possesses one or more unique IDs. We utilize one of these IDs to generate a barcode that represents their distinct and abbreviated identification. In the event that a barcode is not correctly displayed in the template, please ensure that the constituent has been assigned a unique ID before proceeding.


We have created a simple template that allows you to print the Participant's name along with their barcode for scanning purposes. This template is designed using Microsoft Word and utilizes the Avery Template 5371.

Please note that we are currently working on a feature that will allow you to customize this template according to your preferences.

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