Parent Portal, Custom Forms & More

A new user-friendly parent portal with complete customization

September 8th, 2023

A fresh new look

Over the past six months we took an opportunity to revisit some of our existing infrastructure and applications to set forth on a major overhaul. This release marks the first project of that overhaul to be rolled out to the public!

This release comes several exciting features to help your organization process and manage online registration like never before. With the new parent portal comes a whole new way to customize it.

One of our earliest feature requests was to be able to customize the online registration form. We're excited to announce with this release a new form builder that lets you do just that!

Release Notes

New Help Docs 🤔

As you may have noticed, you landed on a page that looks similar to some help documentation. Welcome to the new OnTrack support documentation! Our new docs are easier to manage and keep up to date, easier to navigate, has revamped documentation (and building) and has a much better search functionality that helps you get to the information you need.

Parent Portal

The new parent portal comes packed with tons of requested features. Here are some of the highlights!

Automatic Translation

One of the critical points on our overhaul is to make our products more accessible. In this release comes automatic translation that can translate almost every word on the parent portal, including custom content. The first release supports English, Spanish and Chinese, with the ability to easily add more. Please leave us a comment if you have a request for a specific language.

Ease of use, Improved Data Quality, Speed & Security

This release marks the first apps to be built with our new infrastructure which is designed with usability, speed and security in mind. We aimed for an inclusive design that every parent can use, with confidence, from any where on any device.

One of the concerns we heard from the previous parent portal was that parents would abandoned the registration flow, leaving incomplete data for a participant. With this release, parents are guided through a thoughtful registration flow, in which you can customize, with high quality fields to collect more accurate and complete data. Along with this, parents can now leave the page and we'll automatically bring them back to the spot the left off at. 😎

Enrollment, Waitlists, Restrictions and Memberships

During registration, a parent can now select one or more memberships for each participant. You can customize how this works in your parent portal settings. For some organizations, membership is free and is only used to track your current active participants. In this case, you can configure the membership page to be skipped, and a default membership to be applied.

Along with selecting a membership, parents can select one or more programs to enroll participants. Like memberships, you can skip this page if this does not apply to your organization - such as outreach based organizations.

This new enrollment feature comes with the ability to join a waitlist if the roster is full (enabled by default) and it will also honor any age restrictions set to prevent parents enrolling in the incorrect program!

With both of these new components, all fees are shown upfront during registration, to which a parent can make a payment after using the redesigned checkout flow.

Custom Registration

We designed a new form builder that allows you to completely customize the online registration form. With support for multiple field types and the ability to save custom questions directly to a tag or note, you can craft a unique form that meets your organizations requirements.

For example, you can add checkbox fields for required waivers, dropdown fields for t-shirt sizes, text fields for pronouns, or date and time fields for important dates.

Each field is validated to match the tag's value, making this a powerful way to keep your data clean as its created!

Secure & Flexible Checkout

We have completely updated the checkout process to be more modern and secure. It supports a flexible sliding scale with discounts, and the ability for parents to select what and how much they can pay today.

This update also brings more constituent metadata over into Stripe, helping out accounting when you go to reconcile your books. 💪

In the coming release, we will be able to accept more payment methods such as Google Pay or Apple Pay! 👀

Thats all for now! Thanks for everyone involved to make this come together. Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

Look out for the next announcement or check back here for new releases.

The C360 Team

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