Taking Attendance

OnTrack offers a variety of features and functions to accommodate different organizations' attendance-taking processes and procedures.

Attendance in OnTrack serves as a time log against a constituent's record, capturing their presence and activities. There are two general types of attendance you can track, each with specific features and functions to accommodate your organization's needs:

  1. Center-based Attendance: With center-based attendance, you can record the attendance of participants at a specific center or location. This type of attendance allows you to select multiple participants and record their attendance in bulk. You have the flexibility to log attendance in real-time or enter it retrospectively, depending on what suits your organization's workflow. Center-based attendance primarily tracks the hours spent by participants at the location.

  2. Program Attendance: Program attendance enables you to track attendance for specific program classes. Similar to center-based attendance, program attendance can be recorded in real-time or entered at a later time. It can also work in conjunction with center-based attendance if your programs are properly set up, but does not require a location. Program attendance provides a more detailed view by tracking hours assigned to specific programs, allowing you to monitor participation in individual program activities.

Both center-based and program attendance options offer the flexibility to adapt to your organization's processes.

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