Individual Attendance

You can check in every single one of your participants individually in OnTrack. While significantly slower than batch options, it allows for you staff to see important details about your participant.

If this is your first time checking in a participant, you will be given the option to select one at that time. This ensures that the attendance records are associated with the correct center or location within the OnTrack system. Once selected, it will hold until you manually change it.

Checking In

To check in a participant in your OnTrack database, follow these steps:

  1. Start by searching for the participant in the Constituents Module using the search function.

  2. Once you have located the participant you want to check in, select their name or profile to open the sidebar. This sidebar typically contains detailed information about the participant.

  3. Click on the green check-in button to initiate the check-in process for the participant.

  4. Confirm attendance details and select the green Check In button.

  1. A quick window will open, asking you to select the center location. Search and select the proper center.


In the individual check-in window, you'll have access to additional information and options related to the participant's attendance.

Authorized For Pickup

The window will display a list of parents or contacts who are authorized to pick up the participant. This information helps ensure that only authorized individuals can collect the participant from the program or event.

Fee Application

You have the option to apply a fee during the check-in process. If there is a charge associated with the participant's attendance, you can select this option to automatically add the fee to their account or invoice.

Program Hours

Depending on your tracking needs, you can enable program hours for the participant. This feature allows you to record the specific number of hours the participant spends in each program or activity. This will only work if the participant is already registered for a class int he Programs Module.

When they are registered and you enable the program hours, an attendance record will be automatically recorded for the duration of the class's start and end time. This means that if a class is scheduled for two hours, the participant will have an attendance record reflecting their presence for the entire duration of the class.

Expired Memberships

If the participant's membership is expired, this will be noted in the check-in window. You have a couple of options in this scenario. You can exit the check-in process and update the membership status, ensuring that the participant's membership is valid. Alternatively, you can choose to bypass the membership expiration and proceed with recording the participant's hours anyway. This flexibility allows you to handle membership-related issues without hindering attendance tracking.

Checked In Participants

Once the participant is successfully checked in, you will notice a green "Checked In" status displayed in the sidebar. At this point, the check-in button will transform into a check-out button, indicating that the participant is currently checked in and can be checked out when they leave the center or program.

Checking Out

To view all participants who are currently checked in at a specific center, follow these steps:

  1. Access the search form in the Constituents Module.

  2. Use the "Checked In At" filter to select the desired center from the dropdown list.

  3. The table will display all participants who are currently checked in at the selected center. Locate the appropriate participant from the list and click on their profile to open the sidebar.

  4. In the sidebar, you will find a black "Check Out" button. Click on this button to check out the participant from the center.

The check out window will again display authorized contacts to ensure whoever is picking up the participant is allowed to.

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