Core Essential Services & Topics

Get to know how these two fields can give you better insight to your reports

When working within Schedules, the Core Essential Service (CES) and Topic fields are tools to help categorize your schedule level by the services offered. With these fields you can use C360 BI to design a report that can group attendees or attendance hours by the CES or Topic.

This is especially useful when you need to keep track of what type of programming you have offered or served.

About These Fields

When creating a Program Template, which will be later used in a Schedule Program, CES and Topic are required. This means you must have at least one CES and Topic already configured.

If you have a parent organization, your CES and Topics will have already been created for you.

On all other Schedule levels, these fields are optional.

Making these fields required at the Program level was by design to offer a standardized approach when reporting on attendance hours for programs offered or served.

If you do not need that level of reporting for each program, simply create a general CES and Topic.

Creating CES and Topics

Prior to creating your Program Templates, head over to Configuration and navigate to the CES or Topic tabs. If your organization is a child to a parent organization, these settings are not available.

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