Understanding Memberships

Each Participant at your organization has a Membership record, which allows you to track their participation with various details, including their current membership status in your programming.

Constituents have the ability to have multiple memberships, which is particularly useful when different membership levels are required for specific periods or programs. Each membership level can have its own associated costs, expiration dates, and other details, operating independently.

By controlling the membership level required for classes, you can ensure that only constituents with the specified membership type can enroll in a session, program, or class.

Participants with active memberships will be visually identified in the table of the Constituent Module by a small membership card icon displayed next to their name. This visual indicator helps you quickly identify constituents who have active memberships and distinguishes them from those without memberships or with expired memberships - indicated by a clock. By scanning the table, you can easily spot participants with active membership status and access their membership details for further management or tracking purposes.

Creating A Membership Level

A membership level is what is used to create a membership on a participant. Think of them as a template to later use when creating a membership.

  1. Navigate to Site Setup and click on the Membership Levels tab

  2. Click on "Add Membership Level" to start creating a new level

  3. Fill in the various fields based on details of your Membership

  4. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click "Save" to create the Membership Level

Membership Details

Important fields

  • Level Name: Enter a name for the membership level (e.g., Lifetime Member)

  • Level Description: Provide a short description that will be displayed below the level name on the membership signup page

  • Renewal Type: Select the appropriate renewal type for the membership. This determines the membership duration, recurring billing, and expiration date. Available types include:

    • Never

    • Monthly

    • Quarterly

    • Twice a Year

    • Every Year

    • Calendar Year

    • Fixed Expiry

    For the "Fixed Expiry" type, the Expires On field will be used to set a specific expiration date for the membership level.

  • Grace Days: The amount of days a member can self-renew before their expiration date

  • Show Online: Set this to "true" if the membership level should be displayed online

  • Online Display Order: Set the display order of this membership level for public pages (parent portal). Negative numbers are allowed

  • Expires On: Sets the expiration date based on the renewal type. For Fixed Expiry, it will be the date entered. For Calendar Year, it will only use the month and date. For every other type, this will be ignored

  • Fee: Set the cost of this membership level

Other fields

  • Level Type: Keep this set to General

  • Cards: An internal field you can disregard

  • Range Fee: An internal field you can disregard

  • Show On POS Terminal: An internal field you can disregard

  • Presentation Order: An internal field you can disregard

  • Surcharge: An internal field you can disregard

  • Allow Sub-Members: An internal field you can disregard

  • Fee By Sub-Member: An internal field you can disregard

  • Purchase Discount: An internal field you can disregard

  • Is Taxable: If the membership fee requires tax, set this to "true"

  • Fixed Tax Amount: If there is a fixed tax, you can set it here

  • Fair Market Value: An internal field you can disregard

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