Parent portal dashboard

Once a parent finishes registration, or logs into an account with a complete constituent profile (by previously completing a registration form) they will be brought to the parent portal dashboard.


A parent can manage all of their participants personal information by clicking on the participant card shown at the very top of the home page.


A parent can also manage all of their own information, including updating their account phone number.

When a parent updates the number they use to login with, it will send them a new one-time-code. Upon submitting, a parent will need to log back in after.

Emergency / Household Contacts

Each participant can have one or more emergency contacts, which can be controlled by you from the parent portal settings. To manage which contact has permissions for which participant, head over to the participant's detail form. This is also where you can add more contacts. However to edit the contact directly, simply click on any of the emergency contacts listed on the dashboard.


When a parent has a line item on their open invoice for a participant in which they are responsible for, it will show on the dashboard, showing which participant it is for. If there are any payments made towards that line item, or has any discounts, those will be shown here as well. When they are ready to make a payment, they will be brought the the checkout page.

A billing profile is required, for some, they may have missing information. The parent will be required to complete a billing profile prior to completing their payment

Here they will be able to:

  • Select or create a billing profile which will be saved on their constituent record as a secondary profile

  • Select which items they want to pay for today

  • Apply a custom amount they would like to pay today

  • And provide credit card information to process the payment

Upon making a successful payment, a receipt email will be sent from Stripe to the parent. You can customize this receipt from your Stripe branding settings. Here is an example using a custom logo and color scheme. A parent will also be shown a final receipt on the page upon successful payment.

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