Every Participant who will be enrolled in any level within a Schedule must first be added to the primary roster. Once added to the primary roster, they become eligible to be enrolled at any level.

Primary Rosters

At the highest level of your Schedule, you have a primary Schedule roster, which acts as the central list of Participants for the entire Schedule. This primary roster serves as the single source of Participants for every level, including Sessions, Programs, and Classes. Before a Participant can be enrolled in any of these individual levels, they must first be added to the primary roster.

In other word, to be eligible to attend any of the Schedule's programs or classes, a Participant must first be enrolled in the primary roster.

Furthermore, at every level in the Schedule (Sessions, Programs, and Classes), there is an additional roster. This allows you to manage one single list of Participants in the primary roster and then copy or move Participants to other levels throughout the Schedule.

Having this hierarchical roster structure streamlines the process of managing Participants in various levels of the Schedule, making it efficient and easy to organize and enroll individuals in your organization's programs and classes.

Viewing Primary Roster

At each level of your Schedule, there is a Roster available. However, you can only add Participants to the Primary Roster. Once Participants have been registered to the primary roster, at each level below the Primary Roster, you can move, copy and cascade Participants for various purposes, such as Attendance tracking, generating paper Rosters, and more.

You can easily access any level's roster by viewing the details of that level. Navigate to the Roster tab to see all currently registered Participants or to add/delete Participants.

Adding Participants

Use the search filter to pull a list of Participants you would like to add to the primary roster. You can use the various search parameters to narrow down the results, like searching for all Participants with an particular membership.

Select the Participant/s you are adding to the primary roster.

Missing Memberships

Within the Schedule and Programs Module, you have the flexibility to set specific membership requirements for Enrollments, Sessions, Programs, and Classes. This allows you to control the eligibility of Participants and ensure that they meet certain criteria before enrolling in a particular offering.

If a membership is required to enroll and it is missing from the constituent, a prompt screen will open, allowing you to add a membership to the Participant.

Registering Sessions, Programs & Classes

At every level, except for Enrollment, you can access quick filters to view rosters above that level, making management easier. By default, the roster will display all participants currently registered for that level. However, clicking on the filter will reveal options to view the enrollment rosters above it. This allows you to navigate and manage rosters more efficiently across different levels of the schedule.

Deleting Participant

To delete a participant from the primary roster, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Roster in the schedule.

  2. Locate and select the participant you want to delete from the roster.

  3. Click the ellipsis (...) button located on the right side of the participant's entry.

  4. From the options that appear, select "Remove from roster" to remove the participant from the roster.

Confirm the deletion when prompted, and the participant will be removed.

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