Unique IDs

Each constituent in the C360 system is assigned a unique ID number, which serves as a distinct identifier for that constituent.

The unique ID number can be found above the personas on the sidebar profile of a constituent's profile.

To identify a constituent using their unique ID number, simply locate the ID number displayed on their profile. This number is specific to the individual constituent and can be used as a reference when communicating or performing actions related to that constituent.

In addition to visually identifying constituents through their unique ID numbers, you can also search for constituents using these ID numbers. Utilize the search function in the Constituent Module and enter the specific unique ID number you want to search for. This allows you to quickly locate and retrieve the constituent's profile based on their unique ID.

Assigning IDs

If you have constituents in your database who are missing unique IDs, which could be due to a data import or other reasons, you have the option to assign them unique IDs both individually and in bulk.

Assigning Individual IDs

To assign individually, select the three dot button underneath the constituent's name. If the constituent already has a unique ID, it will be greyed out.

Bulk Assigning IDs

Assigning in bulk can be done by selecting multiple constituents and using the "Assign Unique IDs" function available in the batch operations.

The system will generate and assign unique IDs to the selected constituents who don't already have an ID assigned. Existing IDs will not be overwritten or modified.

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