Collections are a fancy name for folders within C360 BI. They help us organize our questions and dashboards in a readable and logical way.

By default you have three collections.

  • Dashboards

  • Questions

  • Organization

Dashboards and questions are core collections that store the core questions and dashboards provided by Compass-360. You only have view rights for these collections and the dashboards or questions within them.

The organization collection is a default collection we have provided for you to add questions or dashboards to. You can add sub-collections within or create a top level collection within or organization domain.

When you view the app, you will be brought to your collections home page.

From any level, click the folder + icon create a collection – if you have permissions within that collection.


Every collection has a set of permissions that can be assigned. You can either view, curate or none. When setting permissions at a collection, it effects every question, dashboard or collection within it. From the collection you want to manage, click the icon in the top right. From there, select the type of access you want to allow for this collection.

Only Staff accounts will have access to C360 BI, and only those accounts can control access to collections. You can use your admin account to make everything private, and personal to only that account – if deemed necessary.

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