SMS Phone Numbers

Each constituent is permitted to have a single unique telephone number that can receive SMS messages and grants access to the Parent Portal for Parent constituents.

There are two types of phone numbers associated with a constituent: the Portal Access/SMS Number and general phone numbers.

  1. Portal Access/SMS Number: This number is associated with the constituent's user account and is used for accessing the Parent Portal and receiving text messages. It is specifically linked to their account for communication purposes.

  2. General Phone Numbers: These are additional phone numbers that can be stored on the constituent's profile. They are not actionable and are primarily for reference or viewing purposes. This allows you to store multiple phone numbers for a parent or guardian if needed.

The most crucial phone number associated with a constituent is the Portal Access/SMS Number. This number serves multiple purposes, including enabling communication with constituents and granting them access to various portals based on their assigned persona. Unlike other phone numbers stored on the profile, the Portal Access/SMS Number has specific actions and functionalities associated with it.

You can store additional general phone numbers on a constituent's profile using any of the general phone number slots available. These slots allow you to store multiple phone numbers for reference purposes, without any specific functionality associated with them.

Managing Phone Numbers

You can set both the Portal Access/SMS Number and general phone numbers when creating a constituent or by editing their profile. This provides flexibility in managing and updating contact information for constituents.

New Constituents

When creating a new constituent, you can configure an initial profile phone number.

Additionally, you can select the SMS option below the phone number field to indicate that the number is associated with SMS communication. It's important to note that the specific type of phone number (e.g., Home, Work, Mobile) does not affect the SMS option.

To ensure the integrity of the SMS repository, it's important to mark only those phone numbers as SMS that are capable of receiving text messages. This helps prevent any issues or errors related to sending SMS messages to phone numbers that are unable to receive them. Therefore, when designating a phone number as an SMS number, make sure it is a valid and functional mobile or text-enabled phone number.

Existing Constituents

To manage existing phone numbers, you can edit a constituent's profile and navigate to the Phone Numbers section. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the constituent's profile in the system and edit their profile.

  2. Scroll down to the phone number section of the profile and locate the phone number you are editing.

  3. Click on the appropriate phone number field and update the phone number either in the Portal Access/SMS Number or any general phone number.

  4. Save the changes to update the Portal Access/SMS Number.

By editing the constituent's profile and modifying the phone numbers section, you can manage and update the Portal Access/SMS Numbers as required.

Used Numbers

Every constituent is assigned a unique telephone number that is dedicated to receiving SMS messages and provides access to the Parent Portal for parent constituents. Once a telephone number is assigned to a constituent, it cannot be used by another constituent. This ensures that each constituent has a distinct contact number for communication and portal access purposes.

If a phone number has already been assigned as the Portal Access/SMS Number, it will be clearly indicated in the system along with the constituent to whom it belongs. This prevents any confusion or conflicts regarding the allocation of phone numbers for SMS communication and portal access. You will be notified that the number is already in use and by which constituent it is assigned to, ensuring transparency and clarity in managing phone numbers for portal access and SMS communication.

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