Making Memberships Available Online

Control which membership levels are selectable from the parent portal

Membership Settings

Memberships are a new component to the online registration via the Parent Portal. Since memberships are a required component to OnTrack, we thought it would be best for the parent to see what other fees may be associated with enrollment - up front.

However, any given affiliate can operate differently, including not ever utilizing a membership. In that case, we've designed the parent portal settings for an affiliate to skip the membership selection page, by selecting a default level and checking the skip checkbox. This will assign a membership level to every participant who does not already have a valid membership for the default level selected.

Note if this membership selection is skipped, and the default level set has a fee, the parent will see a line item in their balance due for something they may not known about up-front. If this is intentional, for example you then comp this fee with funds from a scholarship fund allocation, it might be better to show the selection and explain using the membership custom content field.


Any membership level with a fee will be shown and applied to the parents open invoice for every participant. Parents are not required to pay this up-front to continue.

Displaying Available Membership Levels

Membership levels shown online are controlled by the Membership Level in Site Setup. There is a Displayed Online property to control if this membership should be displayed. There is also a Display Order which allows you to control what order it should be displayed online.

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