Locations & Venues

By leveraging the flexibility of the system's location configuration, you can effectively manage and track the usage of different locations and streamline processes.

The terms "Venue" and "Location" can be used interchangeably. You can configure and manage these venues/locations within the system according to your needs.

In OnTrack, you have the flexibility to configure and customize the locations according to your organization's needs. You can choose to list all locations or create hierarchical structures to define the various venues and sub-venues within your organization. For instance, you can establish a county venue and create multiple levels of sub-venues beneath it, such as school districts, cities, schools, rooms, and more.

This hierarchical approach allows you to organize and categorize your locations in a logical and comprehensive manner. It provides a clear structure that reflects the geographic or organizational hierarchy of your organization's venues. By defining locations in this way, you can easily navigate and manage the different venues and their sub-locations within the system.

Whether you prefer a flat list of locations or a detailed hierarchy, the choice is yours. You can configure the locations to best suit your organization's requirements and ensure that your database accurately represents your various venues.

When you access the Locations Module, all currently configured locations will be displayed. You will find a convenient "+ Add Venue" button that allows you to quickly create new venues. Additionally, there is a "Load Venues" button that allows you to retrieve a list of existing venues.

On the right side of the module, you will see a settings button, which you can use to configure various settings related to venues.

To access the details of a specific venue, simply select the venue. By doing so, the details of the venue will populate in a sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. This allows you to perform various tasks and manage the specific venue. The venue you are currently viewing will be highlighted to ensure that you are working with the correct one.

There are a few actions when you viewing a venue's details: Edit, Remove, and Add Sub-Venue.

Venues & Sub-Venues

At the top level of the venue hierarchy is the main venue. When you select the "+ Add Venue" button, you can add a new venue to your primary list of venues, and it will be displayed in the appropriate order.

Within the venue hierarchy, you can create sub-venues, which are specific locations, spaces, or areas that exist within the main venue but are treated as individual venues themselves. To add a sub-venue, you can access the details of a selected venue from the right sidebar and click "Add Sub-Venue".

When you create a new sub-venue, it will appear beneath the parent venue in which it was created.

You have the flexibility to add as many sub-venues as needed under a parent venue, and they will be displayed in the desired order. You can continue to add further levels of sub-venues, creating a comprehensive structure that represents all the locations, spaces, and areas within your organization.

Removing Venues

At the bottom of the sidebar in a venue's details, you can find the "Remove" option. By selecting it, a window will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion. If you wish to proceed with the removal of the venue, you can select "Yes" to confirm.

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