Managing Notes

A constituent can have multiple notes associated with their profile. However, by default, only the three most recently created notes are displayed. To manage these notes, follow these steps:

  1. To edit or delete a specific note, click on the note itself. This will open the note editor, where you can make changes or delete the note as needed.

  2. If you want to view all the notes associated with the constituent, click on the "View All" option. This will open a dialog that displays all the notes for the constituent.

  3. Within the "View All" dialog, you can sort the notes based on your preference. This allows you to organize the notes by date, relevance, or any other relevant criteria.

  4. To edit or delete a note from the "View All" dialog, simply click on the respective row corresponding to the note you want to modify. This will open the note editor, where you can edit the content or remove the note entirely.

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