Constituent Details

The sidebar in the Constituents Module allows you to manage various aspects of a constituent. It provides summary sections that can be expanded to reveal detailed information.

In most cases, clicking on a detail row within the sidebar will open the corresponding editor, allowing you to make changes or modifications.

For certain scenarios, you will find options to either add or edit details within the sidebar. These options enable you to customize and update specific information as needed.

By utilizing the sidebar, you can efficiently navigate and manage different aspects of a constituent's profile, accessing relevant details and making necessary edits or additions when required.

The top section of the profile includes optional constituent photo, unique ID, check-in status, persona tiles, quick communication buttons (email, phone number, etc.), and a button with three dots.

The three-dot button provides access to various actions: Record Center Attendance, Assign Unique ID, Print Check-in Card, and Delete. It's worth noting that, except for Delete, these actions can also be performed in batch mode.

Scrolling down reveals the breadth of a constituent's profile. The content and layout of the profile may vary depending on the assigned personas, especially between Parents (adults and guardians) and Participants (youth). These personas can be connected through different relationships, which further enriches the profile information.

For instance, you can conveniently access a Parent's or Participant's profile directly from each other's profiles. This allows for easy navigation and quick access to the relevant information between connected individuals.

Profile Sections

A Participant's profile consists of fourteen sections, each providing specific information and functionality:

  1. Profile: This section contains general details about the Participant, such as their name, birthdate, and other personal information.

  2. Parents: Here, you can quickly access and manage the Parents or guardians associated with the Participant, including their contact information and relationship details.

  3. Notes: This section displays any relevant notes or comments pertaining to the Participant, providing additional context or important information. Often used for case management.

  4. Balance Due: If there are any outstanding balances or payments associated with the Participant, this section will show the details, allowing for easy management and payment.

  5. Payments: Here, you can view a history of payments made by or on behalf of the Participant, helping to keep track of financial transactions.

  6. Membership: If the Participant has a membership or is part of a specific program or group, this section provides details about their membership status.

  7. Medical: This section focuses on the Participant's medical information, including any allergies, medications, or specific medical needs that need to be taken into consideration.

  8. Demographics: Here, you can find demographic information about the Participant, such as their gender, ethnicity, household size, and other relevant details.

  9. Military: If applicable, this section captures any military-related information about the Participant, such as their military status or service history.

  10. Contacts: This section displays additional contacts associated with the Participant, beyond their Parents or guardians, allowing for easy access to their extended network.

  11. Enrollment: If the Participant is enrolled in specific programs, classes, or activities, this section provides enrollment details and related information.

  12. History: The history section keeps track of important events or changes related to the Participant, providing a timeline of their interactions and involvement.

  13. Academics: If the Participant is engaged in academic activities or educational programs, this section captures academic-related information and progress.

  14. Tags: The Tags section allows for categorization or labeling of the Participant, making it easier to filter or group them based on specific criteria or attributes.

These sections collectively provide a comprehensive view of the Participant's profile, enabling efficient management and access to relevant information.

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