File Assets

In your database, you have access to the File Assets Module, which provides unlimited storage capacity for various types of documents.

This module serves as a central hub for storing documents that are generated through forms, online portals, or related to images for Participants, among other uses. It can also be utilized to store internal or external documents like forms, flyers, or other files.

When you access the File Assets Module, you will initially see the top-level folders. These folders are used to organize and categorize your files for easier management and navigation. By organizing your files into folders, you can maintain a structured file storage system.

Adding Folders

To maintain a clean and organized document management system, it is recommended to create folders within the File Assets Module. You have the flexibility to create as many folders as needed, ensuring that there is no limit to the organization of your documents.

By creating folders, you can categorize your documents based on different criteria such as document type, department, project, or any other classification that suits your organization's needs. This allows for easy navigation and retrieval of specific documents when needed.

To add a folder, simply click the three dot button and select "Add folder..."

Adding File Assets

To add documents to a specific folder within the File Assets Module, follow these steps:

  1. In the File Assets Module, navigate to the desired folder by expanding the folders using the ➕ icon until you locate the target folder.

  2. Once you have identified the folder, you can add an asset by either clicking the "Add Asset" button at the top of the interface or by clicking the row action button (represented by three dots) next to the folder and selecting "Add Asset" from the available options.

  3. This will open the upload dialog, where you can provide the necessary details for the document you are adding. Enter a name and description that accurately represent the contents and purpose of the document.

  4. To upload the document, you can either drag and drop the file from your computer into the upload dialog or click the "Upload" button to browse your computer and locate the file manually.

  5. Once the document is selected, the upload process will begin, and you will see a progress indicator to track the upload status.

  6. After the upload is complete, select "Save" and the document will be added to the selected folder within the File Assets Module, and it will be available for future access and retrieval.

Viewing & Removing File Assets

To view or remove a file asset, simply locate and select it from the list to view it's details and access the "Remove" button.

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