Navigation & Terminology

Navigating C360 BI is simple and can be done in a few different ways:

  1. Dashboard Landing: When you log in to OnTrack, you'll see a list of dashboards that have been created in C360 BI. The dashboards displayed here can be controlled from the embed settings within each dashboard.

  2. Reporting Module: To access the question and dashboard tool, go to the Reporting page from the OnTrack application menu.

With these navigation options, you can easily access and explore the different reports, dashboards, and insights available in C360 BI to gain valuable data and analytics for your organization.


In C360 BI, there are several key terms that are commonly used:

  1. Collections: Collections are similar to folders and are used to group questions and dashboards together, keeping things organized and easy to navigate.

  2. Questions: Questions are at the core of C360 BI. They represent the queries we want to run on our data to gain insights and answers to specific data-related inquiries.

  3. Dashboards: Dashboards are a visual representation of data that allows us to group similar questions together, apply filters, and share the visualizations with our team members.

  4. Data Sources / Tables: These are the primary sources of our data, and they serve as the basis for the questions we ask in C360 BI. More information about the tables used in C360 BI can be found in the Data Definition documentation.

Understanding these terms will help you navigate and utilize C360 BI effectively to analyze and visualize your organization's data and gain valuable insights.

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