Email Templates

Creating reusable, configureable, email templates to be used in notifications or communications

Emails templates (aka assets) are reusable and configureable email templates that can be used in various places within OnTrack. These templates allow us to configure some standards across the organization when communicating with your constituents (parents, participants, staff, etc).

With templates we can control:

  • The email subject

  • The 'from' email and name

  • The 'reply-to' email and name

  • The message content

  • And more

Merge Fields

When writing message content, we can populate dynamic variable using merge fields, such as a parents first name, or a list of enrolled participants.

In order to populate these merge fields, the underlying data must be available when the email is sent. When templates are used inside of OnTrack, such as in the Parent Portal notifications, only a select set of merge fields are available.

There are specific merge fields that are tied to an action, such as enrollment, and there are general merge fields which are almost always available.

Merge Field Format

There is a special format to merge fields when using them. An easy way to use merge fields is to drag over a standard field into the editor and change the variable name.


Please note the format ends in two, single-quote characters '', not ".

In most cases, an empty merge field will simply show nothing. Refer to the specific usage for detailed information on what merge fields are available.

Creating Email Templates

To add an email templates, navigate to the second tab in the Messaging Module, titled Message Assets.

Once you're there, follow these steps:

  1. Select the folder where you want to store the new email template. This helps in organizing and categorizing your email templates.

  2. Once you've chosen the folder, the "Add Email" button will become available.

  3. Click on the "Add Email" button to create a new email asset specifically for Payment notifications to Parents.

By selecting the appropriate folder and using the "Add Email" button, you can create a new email template tailored to your needs.

The Messaging Module provides you with flexibility and convenience in managing your email templates. This allows you to have centralized control over your email templates and streamline your communication processes.

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