Change Log

Whats new in OnTrack


  • Added ability to include Stripe processing fees on the Parent Portal Checkout. See your Parent Portal General settings for more information.


  • Fixed an issue where multiple participants could be added to the same roster twice under the right circumstances. We also cleaned up some data here, which might change the results of some reports that would count duplicated rosters (not attendance). This could also effect the count shown on a schedule level

  • An issue where the participants address was not being updated from the parent address, in the right circumstance

  • Preventing skipping the emergency contact form if any amount of contacts are required

  • Minor styles, language updates


  • A cache issue with program templates that would not show the changes if saved and re-opened within 15 seconds

  • An issue with parent user accounts that prevented unfinished registrations from showing. You may notice some cleanup in your list of user accounts

  • Issue with the emergency contacts form when the min contact count was zero

  • Parent to participant relationship field in registration form not showing correctly after saving

  • Other minor bugs caught by our error logs

  • Program template form validation messages, including a max length to name and description fields


  • Updated registration process to better handle returning parents / renewal or participants

  • Added the ability to delete unfinished registrations

  • Updated the dashboard menu to handle dashboards with spaces in the name. Was previously showing '+' and other characters

  • An issue with the registration sidebar that was not reflecting changes after modifying a relationship

  • Incorrect relationship displaying from a parents sidebar to their participants

2/14/24 💟

  • Added the ability to edit a parents registration info after creation. In a future release, you'll also be able to delete unfinished registrations

  • Added numeric field to the form builder with min and max validation

  • Updated some display items on parent portal dashboard


  • An issue with academic end year being set to 2025 by default


  • Constituent tag type select field only allowing the tag type 'All', now allows for 'Constituents' as well

  • An issue with sidebar information (memberships) not being displayed after save/delete

  • Fixed membership sort by active and show more than 3 memberships

  • Added parentPhoneNumber merge token to registration notifications


  • An issue with redirection after successful participant registration

  • Updated the order of language fields and changed the language select field to an autocomplete field for easier searching


  • Not being able to enter specific dates

  • Removed email as a required field for parent registration


  • Tags not being saved for new participants where the parent had previously completed a registration

  • We've updated the new registration form to allow staff to start and complete registration for parents! Check out the docs to learn more.


  • A couple of routing errors within the registration form with a specific user state

  • 7 other non-reported bugs from user errors


  • Improved registration form editing

  • Improved checkout experience with billing profile validation that was causing some payment issues where existing parents had an incomplete profile

  • Stripe payment records now include the line items the purchase was for


Sorry for the delay in updates! There have been minor updates to fix issues since our last post. More recently, we finished integrating the parent portal registration form into OnTrack. It's available in beta now - more to come on that.

  • An issue with empty descriptions in program level settings

  • Parent portal checkout not updating invoices on successful payment and fetching the Stripe batch number

  • Various routing errors in the parent portal that would either show a 404 or return to a saved url, confusing the user

  • Various validation errors in registration form that prevented the user from continuing

  • Max attendees reached for enrollment when the value was zero


  • An issue with email template select fields showing the template ID, not the template name

  • Some participant short-id's were not being created upon registration

  • Improved email template field for easier searching

  • Updated parent portal notification merge fields and email notifications. See what's new!


  • A handful of small bugs

  • An issue with participant info form not being able to re-submit, after a successful save


  • An issue with custom registration form Dropdown fields with a required answer preventing the user from saving the registration form


  • Added a sibling relationship field when registering a second participant from the parent portal. We also moved the fields around, and changed the field type to a select to be more consistent

  • Updated parent portal emergency contact forms, including a helpful link for parents to update contact information


  • Resolved an issue with max attendees that would make an online program roster full, preventing registration

  • Resolved an issue where a program settings form would remove the selected location on save

  • When typing to search in the location field, it would remove the first character. This has been resolved


  • Adjusted parent portal academic forms to set the school end year one year after the start year, automatically

  • Adjusted program start and end date fields to allow for single day programs. Previously you would get an error saying the start date must be before the end date


Updates to the parent portal dashboard to allow returning parents to renew their participants membership or re-enroll into another program - made available online.

This renewal process will honor the settings you have configured in your parent portal options.

Other options will be displayed when a participant is not enrolled or has an expired membership.

  • Parents can now update personal information from their profile

  • Issue with updating parent information after saving


  • Demographics improperly selecting and saving, specifically the Race field

  • Parent portal settings not saving properly, specifically email notification assets

  • Min/Max attendee value of 0 was not being ignored


  • Issue with program templates where Topics were not being selected

  • Issue with registration form when selecting data destinations

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