Making Programs Available Online

To enable online registration for any level within a schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Programs Module and open the schedule you want to make available for online registration.

  2. Click the ellipsis (...) button on the right for the level you want to make available. Choose "Online Registration" from the options to toggle online availability on or off.

  3. Enabling online availability will open the settings for that level. Here, you can customize the external title, manage the display order, upload an image, and provide a description and additional details.

  4. Once you've configured these settings, click "Save."

It's important to note that when a parent enrolls a participant at any level, that participant is only enrolled in the roster of that specific level. To include them in subsequent levels below, such as enrolling in classes within a program, you'll need to manually add, copy, or cascade them to those lower levels.

For example, if you make a Program level enrollment available online but not the classes beneath it, the participant will be on the roster for the Program level only. To include them in the classes, you'll need to add them manually.

In general, it's recommended to use online registration for program, session, and enrollment levels - not classes. Classes are typically added manually, especially for one-time classes or smaller sets of classes.

For instance, if you group your locations, schools, or centers at the Session level, making those sessions available online can simplify enrollment for parents. Similarly, if you group participants by age at the Program level, making those program levels available online can streamline enrollment for parents based on age groups.

Toggling Online

When a a level of the schedule is set to be displayed online for Parents to register, you'll be able to easily distinguish it by the yellow tiles that appear next to the level's name.

You can also easily view online schedules only by navigating to the second tab 'Online Schedules.'

At first to preserve load-speed, no schedules will populate. Select 'Load Online Schedules' from the top right corner to load all of the levels which have been made online.

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