Batch Adding Participants

To efficiently add Outreach Participants in batch, follow these steps within the Constituents Module:

  1. Go to the Constituents Module and locate the Outreach tab situated next to the Search tab. Select the Outreach tab.

  2. Begin by entering the information for the first Participant. Fill in the necessary details, including the Center/Location, Membership Level, and Expiration fields. Please note that these fields will be retained for each subsequent add unless manually modified.

  3. Once you have provided the required information for the Participant, click on the "Add" button. The Participant will then appear on the right side of the screen, confirming their successful addition.

Important to note:

  • To streamline the process for adding multiple Participants, you have the option to save the School field across entries. To enable this, select the checkbox labeled "Save selection between entries." By doing so, the School field value will carry over to subsequent Participant entries, eliminating the need to re-enter it each time.

By following these steps and utilizing the Outreach tab in the Constituents Module, you can efficiently add Outreach Participants in batch, saving time and ensuring accurate data entry.

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