Bulk Attendance

You can use batch check-in to quickly record attendance for a larger group of participants in one fell swoop, saving signifanct time.

Checking In

To add front door or center-based attendance in bulk, you can utilize the Constituents Module. Start by searching for the constituents you want to take attendance for. You can search for active participants or those associated with a specific center, for example. You can further narrow down the search results using filters to select multiple constituents at once.

After selecting the desired constituents, you will find the "Record Front Door Attendance" option in the batch action sidebar. Click on this option to initiate the bulk attendance recording process.

Check-In Options

When recording bulk center attendance, you have the option to configure certain settings. Please note that program attendance will only be applicable for programs scheduled on the selected date. It's important to remember that there is only one date for this attendance record.

To configure the settings, follow these steps:

  1. Set the location or center for which you are recording the attendance.

  2. Specify the date and time duration for the attendance record.

  3. Click on the "Apply" button to save the settings.

After applying the settings, the selected participants will have the following updates:

  • A center attendance record will be created for the specified date and duration.

  • If configured, an optional fee will be applied to their invoice.

  • If selected, program class hours and/or fees will be applied for the given date, based on their program enrollment. More on that in program attendance.

These settings allow you to efficiently manage attendance and associated fees for multiple participants in a centralized manner.

Checking Out

To check out participants in bulk, you can follow these steps:

  1. Run a search to retrieve a list of all checked-in participants. You can specify search criteria to narrow down the results if needed.

  2. Select the constituents that you want to check out by using checkboxes or any other selection method available.

  3. Once you have selected the participants, look for the batch operations or actions section and choose the "Check-out" option.

  4. Confirm check-out. The system will initiate the check-out process for the selected participants, marking them as checked out and recording the check-out time.

By using the batch check-out feature, you can efficiently manage the check-out process for multiple participants at once, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

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