Schedule Actions

Directly from a schedule, you can accomplish various time-saving quick actions, most involving rosters.

At each level of a schedule, you will find a variety of actions associated with rosters. These actions may appear or disappear based on the context of the level. To access the available actions for any level, simply click on the ellipsis (...) button, and a menu will appear showing the actions that can be performed for that specific level.

Copying, Pasting & Cascading

Rosters actions offer powerful tools to streamline the management of participants in your schedule. They allow you to efficiently copy, paste, and cascade rosters across various levels, eliminating the need for manual registration in each level. This functionality becomes particularly valuable when dealing with a large number of classes or programs, saving you time and effort in managing participant enrollments.

Copy and Paste within a Roster:

You can easily move participants between different levels within the same schedule by copying and pasting them within a roster. This efficient process eliminates the need to re-enroll participants in each level separately.

Copy, Paste, and Cascade from the Schedule:

In the schedule view, you can use the "..." button beside each level to copy and paste rosters. Additionally, the "Cascade Roster" option allows you to apply the roster from one level to all the levels below it, saving time when multiple levels share the same participants.

The cascade feature is especially useful when replicating participant enrollments across multiple hierarchical levels. For example, you can cascade the roster from a session down to all the programs within that session, ensuring consistency and ease of management. Likewise, you can cascade the roster from a program down to the all the classes within that program.

By utilizing these copy, paste, and cascade functionalities, you can efficiently handle participant enrollments throughout your schedule, streamlining administrative tasks and maintaining data accuracy. This simplifies your processes and enables a seamless experience for your participants.

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